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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What is is a helicopter listings website dedicated exclusively for helicopters that are for sale, lease, or charter. We bring the latest designs and features to the market to allow helicopter Sellers and Buyers to connect and transact business.

  • How do I get started?

    Signing up is easy...Just go to our Registration form, fill it out, then verify your account through e-mail. Once that is done, you are now registered through the website as a Buyer and a Seller.

  • What are the different User Types for my profile?

    Users can sign up as a Buyer or a Seller. A Seller can be a helicopter Owner, Operator, Dealer, or a Broker. This gives our Users more information on who they are dealing with during the selling and buying process. Users can switch between a Buyer and a Seller role when logged in.

  • How can I manage my account when logged in?

    You can manage your account using the User dashboard. If you are a Seller or Buyer, the User Dashboard is for your account management.


  • Is free to use for Sellers?

    Yes, our Sellers can list one (1) free listing for fifteen (15) days and one (1) free "Off Market" price type listing for an unlimited time to show the effectiveness of our services. In addition to the free listings, we have paid packages a Seller can choose from to place listings on the website.

  • What benefits does listing my Helicopter(s) on your website offer?

    We save Sellers a great amount of time by offering an all-inclusive selling and marketing platform for helicopter Owners/Operators/Dealers/Brokers. Using our website marketing platform will greatly increase your exposure and bring in new sales leads for your helicopter(s).

  • What are the listing prices and packages?

    Sellers can choose from four (4) different types of listing packages on this site. We offer a free listing package that allows a Seller to place one (1) free listings. The Seller can choose one listing that lasts for fifteen (15) days and can also list an "Off Market" price type listing that lasts for an unlimited amount of time. If free listings become marked sold or expire, we have three (3) paid packages to select from to activate your next listings. These packages are Basic, Pro, and Premium and these packages can be viewed in the main menu under "Package Pricing".

  • What are featured listings?

    We give our Sellers the opportunity to get maximum exposure through featured listings. These are Sellers who are looking to make their helicopter listings stand out from the rest.

  • What is a bump-up ad?

    A bump-up ad is an unique feature we offer our Sellers. It allows our Sellers to renew their listing to the current date and move it to the top of the search results.

  • What if the website does not allow me to list a specific make/model Helicopter?

    Please contact us and we can add the make/model to our website. We try to cover many make/models and will update the availability accordingly.


Listing Types

  • What are the different Helicopter listing types I can choose on this website?

    We offer three different types of helicopter listings on our website. They consist of helicopters for sale, lease, or charter. Each Owner/Operator/Dealer/Broker will be placing a listing that falls into one of these three listings types.

  • What is a Helicopter for sale listing?

    Listings that fall under helicopters for sale consist of helicopter Owners/Operators/Dealers/Brokers that are looking to sell a helicopter using HelicopterListings. The helicopters for sale will provide the Seller's contact information and pricing, unless it is a "Make Offer" or "Off Market" price type. These price types require a membership from the Buyer because they are advanced features on the site.

  • What is a Helicopter for lease listing?

    We give an opportunity for Owners and Operators to list their Helicopter(s) for lease. This gives maximum exposure to their assets, which they are looking to place on lease arrangements. All lease pricing given over the site is in the form of an hourly rate and any additional arrangements will be discussed between the Buyer and Seller.

  • What is a Helicopter for charter listing?

    Helicopter Owners and Operators can list helicopters on our website that are available for charter. Helicopter charter listings are displayed with an hourly rate. We provide the Seller's contact information for the Buyer to arrange a helicopter charter through our website. The Buyer can also get in touch with the charter operator through our messaging system.

Listing Price Types

  • What are the different Listing pricing types for Helicopters for sale?

    For helicopters for sale, we offer four (4) different price types: Fixed, Price On Call, Make Offer, and Off Market pricing. Fixed pricing is firm, non-negotiable pricing. Price on Call is pricing that is only available upon contact with the Seller. Make Offer is a price type allowing Buyers to place real price offers that meet a minimum price on helicopters for sale. And lastly, Off Market pricing is pricing where the Seller is not as motivated to sell, but will sell the helicopter at the right price point.

  • Can you explain more about the 'Make Offer" price type?

    "Make Offer" pricing is a price type where Sellers set a minimum price for their helicopter, and Buyers are able to make real offers on the helicopter for sale. Under the paid "Make Offer" plan, the Buyer has three available offers to submit on the helicopter for sale and meet the Seller's minimum price. Under the paid Premium plan, the Buyer has unlimited offers to send to a Seller. Once an offer meets the minimum price set by the Seller, then the Buyer's offer is sent to the Seller for consideration. All offers that go through are sent to Seller with the bidder's contact information. The Seller has the opportunity to accept an offer at any time and sell the helicopter. Even though these are real offers for the helicopter, the offers that go through are non-binding.

  • What is an "Off Market" Price Type?

    We have encountered many helicopter Owners/Operators who would be willing to sell their helicopter based on the price point. The "Off Market" pricing is a pricing type that allows helicopter Owners/Operators to consider selling their helicopter at the best price point without disclosing all the helicopter's details.